#40: Cancer

In this episode, Cliff Duvernois shares his experiences about the simple trip to the grocery store that became the catalyst of the most terrifying ordeal he’s been through, surviving the mental rollercoaster ride of a health scare, and how mindset, manifestation, and a support system lead to a miraculous outcome. Topics we covered: The simple […]

#35: Use Your Podcast to Get A Client in 30 Days

In this episode, Cliff Duvernois discusses the humble beginnings of his podcasting journey, how he uncovered the formula to leveraging a podcast for his business, and the proven method of converting podcast listeners into clients. Topics we covered: The Humble Beginnings of my Podcasting Journey Uncovering the Formula to Leveraging a Podcast for my Business […]

#30: How Podcasting Builds Your Reputation

In this episode, Cliff discusses how podcasting can aid in establishing an extraordinary business and credibility, why credibility is a constant act and not a one-off victory, and the crucial steps to creating a life-proof, sustainable podcast for your business. Topics we covered: Establishing an extraordinary business and credibility with podcasting Why credibility is a […]

#25: How to Snap Out of Your Creative Funk

Here’s the deal:  I didn’t want to record this episode.  I’ve been in a creative funk these past few weeks.  My brain couldn’t come up with a podcast topic.  But after a conversation with a good friend of mine, I realized that I had to record this episode.  So why did I feel this way?  […]

#20: Is Perfectionism Hurting Your Podcast?

What is the number one reason why podcasts go into podfade?  Cliff delves into the different types of perfectionism, how each of them negatively impacts entrepreneurs, and what we can do about it. Topics we covered: Why perfectionism is the root cause of pod fade Staying true to your ideal client avatar and learning to […]

#15: The 3 Worst Measures of Podcast Success

In this episode, Cliff covers the podcast metrics you shouldn’t waste your time on, the factors to consider in selecting your criteria for podcast success, and his personal measure of podcast success.

#10: What is better for you: Networking or Strategic Connections

In this episode, Cliff goes solo.  We talk about the difference between networking and building strategic connections.  Also how you can convert your existing relationships into powerful partnerships.  And how your podcast can deepen the relationship with your clients. Topics we covered: What is better for you: Networking or Strategic Connection How to Convert Your […]

#05: The Real Reason Behind Podfade

“My mindset is clear. Podcasting is the ultimate relationship building tool. I’m not obsessed about the downloads because that’s nothing more than a by-product.” Cliff Duvernois, Host of the Entrepreneurs on Podcasting Most everyone knows that 60-80% of podcasts are in podfade after only 8 episodes. While the excuses abound, what is the real reason? […]