#20: Is Perfectionism Hurting Your Podcast?

What is the number one reason why podcasts go into podfade?  Cliff delves into the different types of perfectionism, how each of them negatively impacts entrepreneurs, and what we can do about it. Topics we covered: Why perfectionism is the root cause of pod fade Staying true to your ideal client avatar and learning to […]

#14: Operating in Your Zone of Genius with Podcasting

Tara McMullin What Works

Tara McMullin is a podcast host, writer, and speaker who’s been making business make sense for small business owners for over 12 years. She’s the host of What Works, a podcast about entrepreneurship for humans that’s been downloaded over 4 million times. She’s also the co-founder of YellowHouse.Media, a podcast production agency. Tara brings a […]

#13: Scaling Your Impact Through Podcasting

Steve Fredlund is the founder of Small, Small Business. He’s got over 30 years in analytic corporate roles with an overlapping 20 years of leadership experience with nonprofits. And over the last few years, he’s really focused on helping small businesses optimize the results by guiding them towards clear vision-aligned strategies and effective execution. Annie […]

#09: Leveraging YouTube with Your Podcast

David C. Barnett loves to say that it took him 10 years to un-learn what he was taught in business school. University had trained him to be a middle-manager in big enterprises, he was totally unprepared for the realities of small business. After a career in advertising sales, Barnett started several businesses including a commercial […]

#08: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome For Your Podcast

Jenn Donovan is a property law specialist, turned retailer, turned social media and marketing speaker, changemaker momentum creator, as well as a mentor and coach for small businesses, she has done it all. She’s learned lessons from the school of hard knocks, running her own business for 15 years, and she has spent the last […]

#06: Building Brand Authority with Podcasting

Randy Rohde definitely has a passion and working with small businesses and not only that, but the man loves baseball. He is the founder of 38 Digital Market, which is a professional digital marketing agency located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  They’re focused to utilize internet technology and to create new opportunities for their clients. Ranging […]

#04: Use Podcasting to Build Relationships

Marc Mawhinney has been podcasting since 2014, which in terms of internet years is like forever and a day. But he saw the need for a podcast show that was going to be able to help coaches grow their business. He started the “Natural Born Coaches” Podcast and each week his episodes gives his audience […]

#02: Embracing Imperfect Action to Overcome Podfade

Podcasting was something that could really help us grow our business and reach more people and help more people. Jenine Kenna, The Kindhearted Baddass Show Jenine Kenna (@JenineKenna) is a Kindhearted Badass and I mean that literally. Now her and her business partner, Heather Compton have started Kindhearted Baddass Community which helps moms learn to […]

#01: What This Podcast Is About

“I had to find my own path. You see, I’m not a podcaster. I’m an entrepreneur with a podcast.” Cliff Duvernois, Entrepreneurs on Podcasting Cliff Duvernois (@cliffduvernois) is the founder of MotionSplash Solutions and the host of the “Entrepreneurs on Podcasting” show. I’ve always loved podcasting. I love the format, the medium … I love […]