In this episode, Cliff Duvernois shares his experiences about the simple trip to the grocery store that became the catalyst of the most terrifying ordeal he’s been through, surviving the mental rollercoaster ride of a health scare, and how mindset, manifestation, and a support system lead to a miraculous outcome.

Topics we covered:

  • The simple trip to the grocery store that became the catalyst of the most terrifying ordeal I’ve been through
  • Surviving the mental rollercoaster ride of a health scare
  • How mindset, manifestation, and a support system lead to a miraculous outcome

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Show Notes:

  • (00:15) One of the most underrated aspects of what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • (00:45) What happened recently that reignited my belief of just how powerful having the right mindset can be 
  • (01:01) How a trip to the grocery store led to a trip to the emergency room
  • (03:18) Even the doctor was left dumbfounded…
  • (03:34) The strenuous journey of going through a battery of medical tests with no guarantees
  • (06:15) The aftermath of when the unexpected happens…
  • (07:47) You know it’s serious when the doctor gives you his personal cell phone number…
  • (08:53) …I mean how can I not worry about it?
  • (10:58) A eureka moment about mindset that was able to put things into perspective
  • (14:10) Applying the art of not giving a…and choosing myself– what makes me happy
  • (15:55) Achieving mental clarity with a framework by Brooke Castillo of the Life Coach School
  • (18:50) Getting the phone call that I’ve been anticipating
  • (19:22) Following my daily routine of praying in the morning and claiming my health with affirmations to get through the big day
  • (22:40) What it’s like to be surrounded by and injected with radioactive chemicals (and unfortunately not turning into Spiderman)
  • (25:46) The long wait was finally over… 
  • (27:08) The sweetest sound one can probably ever hear in their life
  • (29:08) The wake up call I didn’t know I needed to take time for myself
  • (30:38) An understated gift that keeps on giving
  • (31:35) How I became living, breathing proof that manifestation indeed works
  • (32:02) Invaluable takeaways from a terrifying ordeal 


Cliff Duvernois: Hello everyone. And welcome back to the Entrepreneurs on Podcasting episode today, I’m gonna do something a little bit different. In a number of these episodes, when I’ve gone solo, I have spent time talking about mindset and how mindset is very important. And I think it’s one of the most overlooked aspects.

Cliff Duvernois: Of being an entrepreneur that is out there. We are used to trying to find somebody to show us a path or show us some kind of a technique or a strategy. And we forget that oftentimes the best strategy is hidden in the gray matter that’s between our ears. And today I wanna share a story with you of a recent event.

Cliff Duvernois: That I have gone through, and I’m still going through as of this recording, but I wanna share with you a couple things that happened and how I had to remind myself about how important mindset was. 

Cliff Duvernois: So let’s take a trip back in time. It’s December of 2021. I was out grocery shopping at the time. And at this point in time, I was on the go go, go, hustle, hustle, hustle, track working seven days a week.

Cliff Duvernois: I was putting in 80 to a hundred hours. I mean, if I had any downtime whatsoever, I felt like, you know, oh, there’s some work that I could do. There’s something I could accomplish. And I just kept pushing, push and push pushing. Well, that came to a grinding halt when I was grocery shopping on this particular one day and I blacked out.

Cliff Duvernois: It was probably one of the creepiest feelings that I’d ever had in my life. At first, I thought it was because I was standing up too quick, but as I stood there and waited for the feeling to pass, it did not get better. It actually got worse somehow or another. I walked from one department to another department where I collapsed on the floor.

Cliff Duvernois: I have no idea how I got there, but I can tell you that. The people around me were absolutely wonderful. They were like, oh my goodness, are you okay? Is everything okay? And then the store manager came over and she got a, an employee to go get me a wheelchair. Uh, cuz I was having a hard time sitting up because it was just this constant wave of, eh, I could say warmth that what kept coming over me, but it got me to the point where I just, I couldn’t stand up.

Cliff Duvernois: And I sat in, in the wheelchair and they thought, oh, maybe your blood sugar is low. And they went and got me a bottle of orange juice, which I drank, but I didn’t think so because an hour before then I had just eaten lunch. So I didn’t know how my blood sugar level could be so low. If I had just eaten. I decided for the first time of my life to actually go to the ER, Because this feeling that was washing over me would not go away.

Cliff Duvernois: And I didn’t trust myself behind a car. Cause I didn’t know if I was gonna black out again. So my sister-in-law was kind enough to take me over to the doctor, to the ER doctor. And we were there for about six hours cuz that’s how emergency rooms roll. At the end of the six hours, when I finally got a chance to see the doctor, I was feeling totally normal.

Cliff Duvernois: And I had a couple bottles of water in me at that time, and I just was taking it easy. And the doctor said, you know, we just can’t, we can’t find anything. So just, you know, keep an eye on what you’re doing. If you’ve got any problems whatsoever, uh, get, get back here right away. And of course, as usual they say follow up with your regular doctor.

Cliff Duvernois: Well, it took me a couple weeks to get into see my regular doctor. And when I talked to him and of course he was reading the notes from the ER on the computer. And he said, well, he says, it’s not uncommon that somebody your age would just black out. What we need to do is find out what was going on. So it’s either a problem with your brain or a problem with your heart. So let’s start testing. 

Cliff Duvernois: Fortunately, I’ve got really good health insurance, but we literally started going through the alphabet soup testing, right? Everything is a three letter acronym, EKG, E E G all of these other tests that I had to go through. Now, the EEG came back and revealed that I, in fact, do have a brain, uh, nothing wrong with it.

Cliff Duvernois: There, the EKG did indicate a couple small anomalies with my heart. And so they recommended that I get a CAT scan. So now I have to go see a cardiologist and I have to go in there and get that done. And meanwhile, I’m doing these tests. Everything is coming back, negative. My blood work’s coming back negative.

Cliff Duvernois: These tests are all showing that there’s nothing wrong test after test. And I remember I went and got the, the cat scan. If you’ve never had a cat scan before, this is a very interesting and kind of funky test. This is where they actually pump iodine into your bloodstream. So that way, when they scan or take pictures of your body, they can actually get a 3d image of your heart and your arteries and your veins, and they can see how everything is pumping and they can measure the blood flow and everything it was.

Cliff Duvernois: It’s actually kind of cool. This is like borderline star Trek. So I go in there, I got the, I get the cat scan done. Of course, having iodine injected in your veins is the weirdest feeling in the world. I remember the guy told me when I went in there that it was gonna make me feel like I peed my pants. And at first, when the whole test started, I was like, oh, this isn’t so bad.

Cliff Duvernois: But then when the iodine actually hit me, he wasn’t kidding. Cuz it definitely makes you feel like you peed your pants. Anyways, I finished the test and I go back to my doctor. And as I’m sitting in his office waiting for him to come in and I’m like, you know, this test is not gonna show anything’s wrong with me.

Cliff Duvernois: I’m good to go. I had a couple people say that maybe I was dehydrated at the time that I collapsed. And if you look up the symptoms for dehydration, I had eight out of 10. So now I’m thinking that I just blacked out because of dehydration. This is really no big deal. Well, the doctor comes in. He said, well, the cat scan shows that, you know, there’s a couple small things wrong with your heart, but your blood pressure is so good that we’re, we don’t, we have got nothing to worry about and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Cliff Duvernois: And that made me feel better. I mean, I run five Ks three, four times a week. I’m constantly in training. I love to run. I love to bicycle. I’m a very active person. So that hole right there was of no big surprise to me. That’s when he came and said the cat scan has revealed a 1.1 centimeter nodule on my lung.

Cliff Duvernois: I don’t remember anything that he said after that. A 1.1 centimeter nodule on my lung. Of course my brain instantly went to cancer. Now I have had friends that have had cancer. I’ve had loved ones that have cancer. My dad died because of cancer. When I was five years old, cancer’s very real. It’s something that anybody can get at any time.

Cliff Duvernois: You can be the healthiest person in the world and you can still get cancer and you can still die from it. So having this 1.1 centimeter nodule on my lungs, scared to daylights outta me. And he told me, he said, if it was less than one centimeter, They would just keep an eye on it, but because it’s over one centimeter, I had to go in for more testing.

Cliff Duvernois: This right here is when I really started to get a little bit freaked out.

Cliff Duvernois: Lung cancer is not something that I would wanna have obviously, but it always seems to me that by the time that people realize that they have a problem, I either coughing up blood. Lung cancer has already progressed to a point where it’s stage four and they have maybe six months left to live. I can’t tell you how many people I know of famous or people in my life that have get that were diagnosed with lung cancer and were gone not too long after that.

Cliff Duvernois: So to make the situation, just to talk to you a little bit about the gravity of what was going on, the doctor says to me, I’m gonna give you my cell number and you and I are gonna be in contact. I know the best cancer doctors in the state of Michigan. They are on speed dial. I’ve already reached out to them to figure out what’s the best test that we have to do next and where you should go to get it done.

Cliff Duvernois: When I hear back, we will set everything up for you. Don’t worry about it. Of course, I am worried about it. This is it’s it’s human. It’s not every day that you’re told that you have some strange nodule on your lung or anywhere on your body that you don’t think should be there. And I remembered as I was walking out and I was walking down the hallway of the doctor’s office towards the checkout area, all the nurses just looked at me when I walked by.

Cliff Duvernois: It was like probably like one of the creepiest feelings. It was like the whole office knew about my situation. And when I went to check out, of course, the lady knew who I was. I didn’t have to say, oh, my name is, you know, Cliff Duvernois or anything else. When I went up there to check out, she says, Hey, don’t worry. We’re gonna set you up. You know, we’re gonna, we’re gonna do everything we can to take the best care of you. 

Cliff Duvernois: And I just remember being freaked out like holy cow. My situation is at the point where the entire office knows about this. I mean, I just, so that day, I drove home and sat down at my desk. Now my doctor’s appointment was at eight o’clock in the morning.

Cliff Duvernois: I like early appointments, just so, just so I can have the rest of my day to myself and I, I was sitting at my desk and of course I’m completely overwhelmed by all of this. And I had already started reached out to my friends to let them know what had happened, but still I was just completely overcome by this feeling that I’ve got lung cancer. I’m gonna have to go into chemo. Who knows if it’s spread. I had a friend of mine who actually discovered he had kidney cancer and by the time he had discovered it, it had already moved into, into his bloodstream and his lymph nodes. So I was with him through that entire experience.

Cliff Duvernois: And so my brain is just working an overdrive, telling myself this story about lung cancer and what I was gonna have to go through and the chemo and getting sick and how am I gonna continue to work? And, and what’s gonna be in my future.

Cliff Duvernois: And I remembered through all of this mindset. Self-help stuff that I consume on a regular basis, that there is a difference between the story that we tell ourselves and what the actual facts are. And the only thing that I knew with a hundred percent certainty was that I had a 1.1 centimeter nodule on my lung. My brain translated that the fear inside of me translated that into you’ve got cancer. You’re gonna have to do chemotherapy. Maybe it’s in your bloodstream.

Cliff Duvernois: All of these other things. The only thing that I knew with a hundred percent certainty was I had a 1.1 centimeter nodule on my lung. That is it. Yes. The doctor’s concerned. Yes. The office is concerned. Am I concerned? You betcha. But the only thing I know is that it is just a nodule 

Cliff Duvernois: When I finally wrapped my brain around that fact, The sense of dread that had came over me simply vanished.

Cliff Duvernois: What I felt afterwards was kind of interesting because it was almost a numb feeling. I wasn’t happy of course, that it was just a nodule and I wasn’t sad because it was a nodule. The best way I could describe it was a little bit numb, almost like having a clear thought, a clear mind, almost glacial. In the way that I was thinking, just expansive, very slow.

Cliff Duvernois: And I remember I looked down at my to-do list thinking I should work. I should start plowing through my to-do list. Cuz once I get going, then it’ll give something else for my brain to chew on instead of this nodule. But I know in my heart of hearts that I don’t wanna do that to do list.

Cliff Duvernois: It’s interesting because when you’re starting to take a look at your life and these potential events that could come along, it reminded me of this, you know, rather Marose game, my friends and I would play, or you would be at a party drinking or sit around talking to other people, but you would ask yourself these questions like, Hey, you know, if you were going to, if you knew that you were gonna die tomorrow, what would your last meal.

Cliff Duvernois: Or if you knew that you were gonna die a week from now, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you wanna meet? Or, you know, all of these other things, right. To, to try to get down to the bare essence of what would make you happy or, or what would you do to make yourself happy or what would be one of the lasting things that you would do. 

Cliff Duvernois: For me, I remember thinking to myself that this is no longer a theoretical question. It was a very clear question. All of a sudden, I remember thinking to myself, you know, cliff, what do you want to do with your time? Don’t worry about what other people doing in other people’s schedules and agenda.

Cliff Duvernois: Forget all of that. What do you want to do? So, you know what? I. I do what I love to do. And that is to write. Sweet Moses did I write, I was writing for hours and it felt so good. And while I was writing, I remembered that I was laughing because some of the stuff was so funny. And I remember I was crying because some of it was like very scary, but it was very real.

Cliff Duvernois: But all of these emotions that I was feeling inside of me regarding this entire process were just spilling out onto the paper and I didn’t care. My fingers were moving so fast over the keyboard. It was just crazy. And the next morning I got up, did the exact same thing. What do you want to do today? 

Cliff Duvernois: Now, keep in mind as I’m doing this. And some people could say, oh, well, Cliff, you were just doing this to, you know, be in denial and you’re not accepting the situation, but you know what? I had accepted the situation because I know full well that just a 1.1 centimeter nodule on my lung. It was never far from my mind. Never once.

Cliff Duvernois: I went out for a walk during this couple day mental hiatus, so to speak. Trying to think more about the entire situation and trying to process it. I remembered that earlier this year I was working with a mindset coach, Kristen Goodman. She walked me through this very, very powerful framework. This model originally pioneered by Brooke Castillo from the life coach school podcast. If you wanna look her up. 

Cliff Duvernois: The model’s very simple. C T F A R circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, results. Everything that we do in life follows this particular pattern. You have a circumstance, which is nothing more than a data point. It doesn’t, it’s not positive and it is not negative. It is just a piece of data. 

Cliff Duvernois: Beneath that you have your thoughts. What do you think of the thir the circumstance, the data. Beneath that our feelings. Our feelings are derived from our thoughts. From our feelings come our actions, and then from actions come results. 

Cliff Duvernois: So I knew because I already had that little bit of mental clarity to know that my circumstance was that I had a 1.1 centimeter nodule on my lung. That was my circumstance. It is a data point. It is neither good or bad.

Cliff Duvernois: What I did is I said, you know, I know that I’m worried about this. I know that I am dreading this, but what if I give myself permission to have a new thought? Now I can’t wipe away everything. I’m not perfect, but let me give myself a new thought. And this was my new thought.

Cliff Duvernois: I have to thank my lucky stars and to be more accurate, I have to thank God that I blacked out all those months ago. Because if I hadn’t blacked out, if my doctor hadn’t have pushed for me to have all these tests, if I hadn’t have gone for all these tests, if I would’ve just said, ah, you know what? I was just dehydrated. I’m not gonna go for these tests. Screw it. But if I hadn’t have done that, I would’ve never have discovered the nodule in my lung.

Cliff Duvernois: It’s only 1.1 centimeters. So, you know, what, if it does turn out to be cancer or, you know, whatever it is then I, we caught it in time, you know, without any luck, it hasn’t metastasized. It hasn’t gone through my bloodstream. It’s not on my kidneys. It’s not anywhere else. So thank God. That I had caught this in time and yeah, I might have to go through chemo and yeah, I’d probably have to go through surgery. But at the end of the day, I would still be alive.

Cliff Duvernois: That was the most important thing. And when I started thinking about it in terms of the CTF AR model and giving myself permission to have a new thought, this started to bring real comfort to me. It made the situation not overpowering. At all, it actually made it manageable. And the more important thing it is, it actually gave me the courage to keep moving forward, to keep facing every single day.

Cliff Duvernois: Now the doctor’s office had called, they had scheduled me for the next test, which is a PET scan, right? The alphabet soup of test continues. But anyways, I now have a PET scan that I have to go and get that performed. And I remembered that. At first, initially the way they talked, it would be six weeks.

Cliff Duvernois: Apparently my doctor pulled some strings and got me in there within a week and a half. And of course I cleared my schedule for that particular day, knowing full well that it was going to be a very big day.

Cliff Duvernois: But one of the things that I was also doing as well. Every single morning that I wake up and I have been doing this now for a year, but I do it every single day.

Cliff Duvernois: When I wake up in the morning. The very first thing that I do is I say a prayer. Every day. I wake up, see what time it is. I close my eyes and I say, Dear heavenly father, thank you for the gift of another day. Thank you for yesterday. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. Thank you for giving me the courage and the wisdom to continue to move forward.

Cliff Duvernois: Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, everything that you have done for mom. I ask that you be with me. I ask you that you be with mom. Today, give me the courage and gimme the strength to get through this day the best that I can. So I can be a positive impact on the people and the world around me.

Cliff Duvernois: That’s the prayer that I pray every single day. I tweaked it to add in there. Thank you for my health. I am in perfect health. Whatever this is, take it away from me, cuz I am in perfect health. There is nothing wrong with my body. And I kept saying it over and over and over. And I would say it throughout the day.

Cliff Duvernois: Yes. I am a big believer in affirmations. I really believe that that stuff works. I believe that whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. 

Cliff Duvernois: Here it is the night before the pet scan, I managed to make it into bed. I did not sleep very well that night at all. I remember I would go to sleep, but then would wake up like an hour later or half an hour later.

Cliff Duvernois: It was just a constant struggle. And every time I woke up, I said that prayer over and over and over again. I was terrified. I was scared, but I kept saying that prayer over and over and over again. And even if I would sit there and say to myself, how am I gonna tell the people that I love that I have cancer?

Cliff Duvernois: I would immediately reject that thought. Immediately. Because that’s the fear talking. That’s the worry talking. That is the dread talking. That is not going to serve me or serve anybody else. I immediately rejected that. And every time that I thought about, oh my goodness, how am I gonna tell my mom, I, God, can’t oh, reject.

Cliff Duvernois: I am healthy. I am in perfect health. This nodule is nothing. It is a blip on the screen. And I kept saying that over and over and over.

Cliff Duvernois: I drive down to the hospital to get the pet scan done. For those of you that don’t know how a pet scan works, I’m gonna take a couple minutes and share with you how it does work, cuz it is very germane to the rest of the story.

Cliff Duvernois: When you go and you get a pet scan done, what they do is they inject a radioactive sugar solution into your bloodstream. They don’t do it through a needle. They actually do it through an IV. And yep. When I sat down in the mobile medical unit, there were radiation containers everywhere. That little radiation symbol was just everywhere.

Cliff Duvernois: And I started getting a little bit freaked out. The nurse was working with was, you know, working. These heavy gloves. And she had this like really thick screen and it was probably all lead lined. I’m going to assume it was all lead lined while she was working with this stuff all day. But what they do is they inject this into your bloodstream.

Cliff Duvernois: Now what cancer is by strictest definition of the, of the sense it is an abnormal growth of cells from somewhere inside of your body, but is an abnormal growth. Because it’s abnormal growth cancer cells require a lot more nutrients than your average cell in your body. So when you inject this radioactive sugar solution into the bloodstream, if you have cancer anywhere in your body, you will see a large concentration of the sugar, sugar solution where the cancer cells are.

Cliff Duvernois: When they go and they take the images and the pictures of your organs, any area that has a high concentration of this radioactive sugar is going to show up like a light bulb on the screen. That will be no denying that yet that’s cancer. That’s tumor and it is consuming this liquid. Now, the only way to tell from that, if it’s, you know, benign or growing or whatever that is, is to go get a biopsy, that would be the next step.

Cliff Duvernois: So she gives me this sugar solution that is radioactive. And of course, in the back of my brain, somewhere inside of me, I said, man, I hope a spider bites me right now. And if you don’t know Marvel comics, you’re not gonna get that reference. So we’ll just move on. I go and I lay down on this table and they slide me in and out of this giant mechanical donut. Back and forth, back and forth.

Cliff Duvernois: And I just remember the whole time that I was laying down on that table saying to myself over and over and over again. I am healthy. I am in perfect health. Thank you God, for my perfect health. Thank you for my health. There is nothing wrong with me. I am in per I just over and over and over again.

Cliff Duvernois: Finally, the nurse had to wake me up cause I was just so deep in thought about this and she kind of shook me and she goes, you know, Hey Cliff, to test this done. And I said, okay. And I got up from the table and jumped in the car, went home. A spider did not bite me. So I can’t climb any walls. And for the next 48 hours, it was so hard to focus.

Cliff Duvernois: Very hard to focus. Once again, I’m writing, spending a lot of time walking and taking, taking in, you know, the nature cuz it’s summertime right now. And it’s so beautiful right now in Michigan. It’s just gorgeous. 

Cliff Duvernois: And it gets to be Friday morning, the morning that I’m supposed to go see the doctor can get the results of my test.

Cliff Duvernois: It has been two days since my pet scan, they should have had plenty of time to look at the results and send them over to my doctor. I go to the doctor’s office and I’m sitting there in the chair, just waiting for them to call my name, to go back. And the whole time that I’m sitting there, I am just numb.

Cliff Duvernois: I can’t think a positive thought. I can’t think a negative thought. I am just like numb. Like I’m waiting for the bad news. The nurse calls me back and we go, we sit down in the room and she’s on the computer and she goes, okay. So I see that you’re here today to get the results of your test. And I didn’t say anything.

Cliff Duvernois: I just sat there. She comes over, takes my blood pressure, wraps that little thing around my arm starts pumping it. Now, usually when I get my blood pressure taken, they always tell me how excellent my blood pressure is, how it’s phenomenal for somebody my age. She’s looking at it. And all of a sudden she kind of stops and she looks up at me and she says, how are you feeling right now?

Cliff Duvernois: And my response was freaked out. I’m so nervous right now. I don’t know what to do. And she’s like, ah, so that probably explains why my blood pressure was probably twice the numbers it was supposed to be. She left the room and before long, the doctor came in, he sat down and his computer wiggled his little mouse.

Cliff Duvernois: And he took a deep breath and he turned and he looked me in the eye and he said, there’s no cancer.

Cliff Duvernois: And that was the sweetest sound I could have ever heard in that particular moment,

Cliff Duvernois: he threw a lot of terms at me after that. That I wasn’t quite sure of. I do know that I didn’t respond. I probably, I think I was just sitting there, maybe had a blank look on my face because he came back to me a little bit later and he said, Cliff, this is the best possible result that you can have for this test.

Cliff Duvernois: And somehow I managed to squeak out of my mouth. I would like to know what the nodule is. And he said, well, I’m glad you said that, cuz I wanna know what the nodule is. So if it’s okay, I’m gonna refer you to a pulmonary specialist. It’s gonna be a little bit of a drive for you. But at the end of the day, we would need to figure this out.

Cliff Duvernois: And I asked the doctor, I said, is it possible for me to get a copy of the test results? And he said, yep, we’ll print ’em out for you at the desk when you’re checking out. And I said, okay, thank you. And he goes, we’ll be in touch very soon when we talked to the pulmonary specialist and I said, okay. So we go out into the hallway and I went and I checked out, the lady had already printed out my test results for me.

Cliff Duvernois: I remember I went and sat down in the car and I was just taking it in. I was like, I remember my hand, shaking, literally shaking as, as I was putting the test results down in the passenger seat.

Cliff Duvernois: And I decided, you know what, Cliff, just take some time. Take some time for yourself. You have been through so much over these past few weeks. Just take some time for yourself. You have nowhere to go. There’s nobody important right now except you. Take care of you. Just take a couple minutes and breathe.

Cliff Duvernois: So I just focused on my breathing in and out, in and out just long breath in and out. Just take it in, take it in, take it in. And I was sitting there and I remember that there was this voice in the back of my head said, read the test results.

Cliff Duvernois: I don’t know why, but I reached over and picked it up. Cuz usually there’s so much medical terminology on these pages that trying to figure out what happened. Or what’s going on is a bit of a mystery to me. I have to Google half the terms, but I decided to read it. I wanna share with you a couple of things that I had read. First off the paperwork says that a whole body PET CT scan was performed following the IV administration of the name of the liquid. 

Cliff Duvernois: Findings.

Cliff Duvernois: Head and neck, no suspicious activity.

Cliff Duvernois: Chest, no suspicious activity. 

Cliff Duvernois: Abdomen and pelvis, no suspicious activity.

Cliff Duvernois: Skeleton, no suspicious activity.

Cliff Duvernois: Not only did the nodule turn up, not to be cancer in my lungs, but I don’t have cancer in my body at all. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt because they ran probably one of the best tests that they can use to detect cancer in the body. And I am clean. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

Cliff Duvernois: I didn’t even recognize that when the doctor turned and looked at me in the office and said, this is the best possible result that you could get from this test. I didn’t understand that he was talking about my whole body. I thought he was just talking about that little nodule on my lungs. But I don’t have cancer anywhere in my system.

Cliff Duvernois: And that was such a relief that made me feel so good. And that’s, that’s when I released the emotion. Right. That’s when the tears started falling down my face. That is when I felt like I could truly breathe and just let it go and take it in Cliff. This is a huge win for you. Huge win.

Cliff Duvernois: It would be a gross understatement for me to say that, oh, the manifestation worked and, and praying to God worked and you know, you being healthy, all this other stuff absolutely worked. I, I don’t know, but I thank the universe, I thank God. I thank my friends who are supporting me the entire time.

Cliff Duvernois: And it has made me realize that keeping my focus on what truly makes me happy is something that I should be doing every day. Not when I have a scary situation come up. Live life on my terms, not on the terms of other people. Do those things that I want to do

Cliff Duvernois: More importantly, don’t let my circumstances dictate my thoughts. Give yourself permission to think a new thought when any situation comes around. And when you give yourself permission to think a new thought, that’s when your feelings change, that’s when your actions change and that’s when your results start to change.

Cliff Duvernois: Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to share that with you. I hope you’re doing really well on this absolutely lovely day, and we will be back with another episode in the future. 

Cliff Duvernois: Make it a great day.